The Age of Truss, Your Commemorative Issue: Page 3 (Andy Jackson, Ian Duhig, WN Herbert, George Szirtes)

From the Trussian Anthology 


Liz Truss

Can she be trusted? Discuss.

My advice is

Don’t trust Liz.


Elizabeth Truss, Elizabeth Truss

threw her first Chancellor under the bus; 

her second’s preparing without any fuss 

the bus to reverse on Elizabeth Truss.


I never saw the Herm in Merton

though others have – that much is certain.

Perhaps, although it’s no Three Graces,

the fact it’s furnished with two faces

Alumna Liz might find divertin’

now Britain’s gone for a bloody Burton.


When your flush is truly bust

When your faction turns to dust

When you must do what you must

Then you have been fully Trussed.

(Although, due to the dense amnesiac fog that has gathered around the Trussian era, no-one can now definitively identify the authors of any verses from this impossibly distant period, scholars have putatively ascribed the following names to the verses above: i. Andy Jackson; ii Ian Duhig; iii. WN Herbert; iv. George Szirtes.)


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