DePfeffelschrift PAGE EIGHTEEN : Taylor Strickland


Online variations on the Scottish Gaelic for ‘Prime Minister’

A synonym for ceannardas: high-head, chief-end
(never ‘chieftain’). Scrot bag, racist git;
wee sleekit bastard, scunnerin basturt
(cuid nae hae put it better masell).
Wank-stain, utter knob. Shut yer geggie!
Ur a numpty bawbag if ever there was ane.
Get it right up yie! Mum
always said ne’er
trust any whose eyes are too close tegeither.
Gardyloo. U’ll do wonders for IndyRef2,
fud, with more faces than the town clock –
haunted furby, spineless cock
womble. An in-your-face out-and-out cunt.
Imagine school children studying history
in 50 years’ time. This’ll be known as the WTF-era.

Taylor Strickland is a poet and translator from the US. His poetry has appeared, or is forthcoming, in New Statesman, the TLS, Poetry Review and various other outlets. Commonplace Book, his debut pamphlet, is forthcoming from Broken Sleep Books. A doctoral candidate in literary translation at the University of Glasgow, he lives in Glasgow.

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