Die DePfeffelschrift PAGE EIGHT : Ray Bramford

White Crow

By some strange twist of fate
he came upon the skull of a bird
It was the sign that he had been seeking
A message from the gods
A portent of divination and prophesy
since his birth
And now it seemed that it would be the
harbinger of his death
Or at least his recreation as Arthur reborn

On passing over he inherited the gifts
Of thought and memory
Of knowledge and wisdom and cunning
Of justice and righteous victory
The omens for the downfall of fools
That had led Albion into the curse of isolation
and selfish devastation

And in this phantom guise
He visited upon the Clown Prince and his house
“A curse upon you all”
He whispered into their deaf ears
“Nevermore shall you rape the land”
Nevermore shall you abuse and refuse its people
 their equality, inclusion, dignity and independence”
“Nevermore shall you divide to conquer
and steal the spoils through greed and sleaze and lies”
“Nevermore the corruption and nepotistic cronyism
of your evil black-hearted governance”
“Nevermore shall you sow the xenophobic seeds
of hatred to our needy neighbour refugees”

“Nevermore, Nevermore, Nevermore”

Ray Bramford was born in Worksop in Nottinghamshire and works as a Physiotherapist. He has published a couple of books of poetry and performed at Cerys Matthews’ The Good Life Experience. He has read alongside fellow Northern poets Louise Fazackerley, Matt Abbott and Jimmy Andrex at They Eat Culture and on stage in support of Mike Garry, Luke Wright and Attila the Stockbroker.

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