Postcards from Malthusia DAY SEVENTY-SEVEN: Amy B. Moreno



A gallery of house plants and house cats
Faces pressed against screens and glass
Traffic and time loose; worries slip through quicker
Guts twisted and bound, like woven wicker
Plans to paper over cracks, and timetable schooling
Imagination cookies sit on the rack, cooling
She could hang the praying-hand picture hooks
But she shuffles her feet
  and her pennies
  and her unread books
In a tower built of plans and hopes and stone
Under a cloud maze of wheezing bones
A pause coughs in the street below
And she sits and she watches at the window



Amy B. Moreno writes poetry and prose for adults and children, in English, Scots, and Spanish.  She has recently been published by The London Reader, Scottish Book Trust, The Ogilvie Literary Review, Seahorse Publisher, and Poetry Kit. You can connect with her in Twitter @Amy_B_Moreno


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