Postcards From Malthusia DAY EIGHTY-SEVEN: Gillian Mellor

Abecedarian: Stay Alert


Alert! Stay alert for acellular breach. 

Breathe behind masks, always clean hands,

cultivate a metered distance between.

Do not touch your face.

Experts can dupe you into farming data

for foreigners. Copycat geometry

generates an irregular normality. 

#hijacked receptors choke icosahedrons:

imposter proteins you recognise as your own.

Jumped up fuckers. Stay alert –

Kidneys, Heart, Lungs and Brain!

Lymphocytes scramble your defence!

Membranes inflame against tinpot

Nanometer Generals with hypoxic priorities. 

Oxygen dwindles under their stranglehold.

Polysaccharide coats open for the big reveal:

quality genetic data in basic form – single strand 

RNA. It strings-along-a-ribosome for replication.

Storm Cytokine will mediate your fight back.

Transmission corrects statistics with red pen –

unchecked it creates logarithmic curves of infection.

Viral virgins remain vulnerable to untested

weapons: do not inject bleach, leave hydroxychloroquine alone.

Xenophobia isn’t always packaged in orange.

You must stay alert. Control the virus?

Zero the negatives.



Gillian Mellor lives next to the West Coast Mainline and helps to run The Moffat Bookshop, an ongoing re-homing books project. She wishes everyone well through these strange times.


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