Postcards From Malthusia DAY NINETY-TWO: Alison Grant

2 metres


the distance a spider strings his anchor strand

between elder and bramble, daisy and rose, sky and land


the shift the sea slips over sand the day we walk

apart, talking, taking in the air, the smell of sea rack


the span of white tailed eagle wings that circle mile on mile

the sprint the woodmouse darts to shelter in the log pile


the leap we take from rock to rock to cross the river

the length of a coffin, slowly lowered then gone forever


the depth of sinking, shedding soil and crumbled coastline;

it is the drop and height and width of running out of time



Alison Grant lives in Inverness, and works as a landscape architect and forester. She has had poems included in various anthologies, most recently in Waymaking, an anthology of women’s adventure writing published by Vertebrate Press.


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