DePfeffelschrift PAGE ELEVEN : Neil Fulwood

The Coffin of Democracy

A nail for the times we find ourselves in:
post-truth, post-decency, post-shame.

A nail for the lie on the side of a bus.
A nail apiece for the lies at despatch box,

podium, in front of cameras, the lies 
told to foment the crowds. A nail

for each denial of wrongdoing. A nail
for each headline taking his side.

A nail apiece for the bullish refusals
to do the right thing and resign. A nail

for every blowhard insistence
there’s a job to do and a need to move on.

A nail for every frontbench smirk. For every
transaction behind closed doors.

For every MP who enables 
the hammering in of these dozens, 

these hundreds, these uncountable nails. 
A nail for the rule book torn to shreds.

Neil Fulwood was born in 1972 and is still alive. He lives in Nottingham and works as a bus driver. He has published four collections and two pamphlets with various presses.


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