Postcards From Malthusia DAY NINETY: A C Clarke

Morning star

Swaggered out of the east he did

spiked bully-boy,

or dropped in from that planet

whose skies shed iron rain.

The swing of his cold malice strikes to the heart,

leaves in the fevered mouth

a taste of wormwood.

He’s not particular.

Swipes at a prince.

Swipes at a pauper.

Loves them to cry capivi,

doesn’t fret when he misses his target:

now he’s here

he’s here.

*name given to a medieval spiked mace remarkable similar in appearance to the coronavirus



A C Clarke lives in Glasgow. Her fifth collection is A Troubling Woman. She was a winner in the Cinnamon 2017 pamphlet competition with War BabyDrochaid, with Maggie Rabatski and Sheila Templeton, was published by Tapsalteerie last year. She is working on poems about Gala Éluard/Dalí and her circle.


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