Postcards From Malthusia CLINICAL TRIAL #1: Kat Dixon

Work from the MA Poetry Summer School at Newcastle University

As in

after Sakinah Hofler


more calls to helplines, as in two months after celebrating his twenty-first birthday, as in


massively struggled, as in I just wish he’d have held on, as in


access to support services, both online and in person, as in these situations, lots of gay people, families who don’t accept them, as in


44% increase in calls to helplines, we loved and supported him, as in coroner not required to log data on sexual orientation or gender identity, as in


11,000 people have accessed suicide prevention, he had so much ahead of him, as in government officials, as in


we are absolutely committed to supporting everyone’s mental health, especially during this unprecedented period, as in


not counting means the struggle will continue for others, as in


we loved and supported him, I just wish he’d have held on



Kat Dixon is a London-based poet, studying for her MA in Poetry with Newcastle University. She works in innovation in the public sector and has recently let her passion for social justice filter into her poetry. Her poems have appeared in The Rialto, Perverse, Tears in the Fence and other publications.


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