DePfeffelschrift PAGE THIRTEEN : Kate Noakes

Current Fears

after Jennifer L. Knox

We are scared of lies, even white ones.
We are scared of liars
and that we will no longer be able to tell when they are lying.
We are scared of gold wallpaper and tree houses.
We are scared of the word debunking
and that fact checking will become a highly regarded profession.
We are scared of sandpapered quotes and Rwanda.
We are scared of people who don’t understand economics,
even though it was one of the subjects they studied at university.
We are scared of green leather benches. 
We are scared of pussy bow blouses and cheese.
We are finally scared enough to do something about it.

Kate Noakes‘ eighth collection, Goldhawk Road, will be published by Two Rivers Press in 2023. She lives in London where she is working on her PhD on breath in contemporary British and American poetry.

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