Die DePfeffelschrift PAGE TWO : Paul McGrane

Catastrophic Thinking

A hot summer evening and the window blinds 
are letting through whatever air there is. 
A moth is going crazy in the half-light from the street. 
Its fluttflutt futtfutt futt is keeping me awake 
as well as your snoring.
At 2:37 a couple outside, 
who I’m guessing have been clubbing, 
are saying their goodbyes. 
I’m thinking of the candidate 
who’ll follow Boris Johnson 
as the leader of the Tories 
and what damage they will do 
with the two years they’ve been given 
and an eighty seat majority. 
If the plane I’m in crashes in the sea, 
how far can I swim before I drown?
What if, 
if I make it onto Desert Island Discs, 
Lauren can’t allow my luxury item
as, according to her rules, 
it might be put to practical use. 
What then?
At 3:23 I need a wee but I’m hoping to hold on. 
The couple have gone.
I nudge you on your shoulder
and you turn the other way, softly breathing. 
The wings of that moth are flat on the ceiling, 
for now. 

Paul McGrane is the co-founder of the Forest Poets poetry collective in Walthamstow, London. He has two collections with Indigo Dreams; Elastic Man won the Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize. His second collection British People in Hot Weather was published in 2022. https://www.indigodreamspublishing.com/paul-mcgrane

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