Die DePfeffelschrift – The Beginning of The End: Katy Evans-Bush

From Lines by Kenneth Patchen #42

The one we’re really watching is Rishi Sunak,
the finance minister. Boris & Carrie Johnson
have paid their fines but as yet we’ve not heard anything
from Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The first PM & Chancellor
To break the law in office:
When we’re all in it together,
Is this how you tell who the toff is?

The world is not so big when you think about it.
England is not so small. It’s a non-dom rom-com.

        You know a crook is what you are,
        when you’re grinning at the filling station
        filling someone else’s car,
        evading your taxes in front of the nation.

& here’s a fine pond for his wife to play Go Fishing
for slivers he’s shaved off her taxes and the food banks.

        ‘The guidelines were all followed;
        there was never anything sinister’.
        The one we’re watching now
        is that crooked finance minister.

‘But’ — the equally crooked PM explains,
as he lifts his pen to redact ‘honesty’
and ‘integrity’ from the Ministerial Code —
‘the people have a right to expect better’.

        This government are cons and liars.
        The public is aghast!
        But Boris Johnson, who started the fires,
        has spoken the truth at last.

the lies the greed the lies & not at all
evil in any ultimate sense except

Katy Evans-Bush is the author of two poetry collections with Salt Publishing and a book of essays from Penned in the Margins. Her latest is Broken Cities from Smith|Doorstop. She is a freelance copy-editor and is at work on two more books, in between trying to figure out how to pay the electric.


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