DePfeffelschrift PAGE SIXTEEN : Finola Scott

The Road Tae Nowhere

Och we aw love   thon wee paisley buddy
politicising energy  whiles tellin us
tae wear a wee simmit unner oor starched frocks
aye buzzing wi the adreneline o twitter
and frettin hirsel aboot the growth o world economy
       getting hir earrings frae Claires accesories
But dinae mention we’re headin towards drought
or aw they disabled people neglected oer in Ukraine
Jist look at they shoes
he’s stoatin aboot in  Prada    pure disgrace

Hir bro seys she’s a rerr laff   loves karaoke
doon the Anchor bar oan a Wednesday night
Mibbe if Liz has tae be in London   sortin the world 
 ironin oot  levelin up or doon  she can aye gae oan Sat 
but  thon wee attention seeker Sturgeon better no be there

A braw maw  she works the girls hard  playing
board games  maks sure they’ve goat skills 
Aye good at  flipping dice   Sure she’s kin t change
hir mind   nae hand-oots   cut public sector pay
liberal tae tory  stay in europe   naw hing oan   lets brexit
Gie hir a break  stop fussin  aboot her pledges n policies
Cannae wait – a phoenix Thatcher  
(haud oan tae yir milk but)

An avid listener of Radio 4, Finola Scott spends her life shouting at the radio as well as performing all over the country – on the Glasgow Subway, at the Edinburgh Book Festival, in Swimming Baths and in the Scottish Parliament. They can be read in her pamphlets, in anthologies, on posters, tapestries and postcards, as well at her Facebook page Finola Scott Poems.


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