Die DePfeffelschrift PAGE NINE : Marilyn Francis

Wake Up!

It’s a new morning
over fields
over orchards
and broke-back pickers
picking for next-to-nothing
pay attention
to the baby
ripping up books
in his cot.

It’s a new morning
over Gotham City
a distracted bat-bird
smashes into its reflection
on the thirty-third floor
pay attention
to the weather forecast
you think it’s August
it’s fucking January
the trees have fallen.

Marilyn Francis lives in Radstock, an old mining town quite near to Midsomer Norton where murders take place on Saturday nights. Circaidy Gregory published a book of her poems, red silk slippers, a few years ago. She has also had poems published in magazines, most recently, The North, Poetry Salzburg Review, and Dreich.

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