Postcards from Malthusia DAY SIXTY-FIVE: Katy Evans-Bush

Flower, with Joe


You’re right. It was a cuntish thing to do.

We walked toward the woman on the path —


a woman in her mid-sixties, maybe,

out for her allotted constitutional


in these times of lockdown. Her head was bent

towards a flower, on its inch of stem,


that she had just picked. A little orange flower

whose petals had squared edges. She bent her head


and closed her eyes a little. It didn’t look

as if it smelled of much. Who knew what she’d


been through that morning — what sick relative,

what surge of grief, how much she missed her children —


as if in prayer, she bent her head to the flower.

And you and I involuntarily


turned our heads in the exact same moment

and looked towards the spot from which she’d picked it. 



Katy Evans-Bush‘s most recent poetry publication is Broken Cities (Smith|Doorstop, 2017), and she is at work on A Far Cry from Hackney, a memoir, due out in 2021 with CB Editions.  She lives in Faversham, Kent, where she works as a freelance poetry tutor and editor.


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