Postcards from Malthusia DAY FIFTY-NINE: Jo Gilbert

Black Holes An Revolutions

An orange nimbus rises, defyin aa rational thocht

declares he kens athin, makkin speeches 

aboot neckin fish tunk cleaner an injectin bleach,

deformin peer humans intae a mass o stupidity,

bilin athin he dis wrang doon tae fake news, fan

he’s fuck-all bit a supermassive orange bam.

Errs nae point 

in tryin tae makk sense o summin

it disna mak sense avva, so dinna waste yer time spawnin 

a black hole o yer ain makkin

leavin aa the tabs open, so there’s nae escapin fae yer ain thinkin, 

tryin tae determine meanin

fae the debris that spoots oot the mooth 

o the supermassive orange bam.

He’s a puff heided eejit wae nae remorse, 

suckin in athin, blawin oot nithin, 

atein up yer sanity, nae point in arguin,

steer clear o his event horizon, 

takk athin he blurts wae a pinch o salt,

jist bein sarcastic, wisna his fault

ca canny yer rage an try tae bide calm – 

it’s a recht sare fecht wae

the supermassive orange bam.

Jo Gilbert is a writer and spoken word artist from Aberdeen. Jo has won multiple poetry slams, including StAnza 2018 and hosted the first Doric Slam in 2019. Published in Northwords Now and two Federation of Writers Scotland Anthologies.


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