Postcards from Malthusia DAY FORTY-THREE: Matt Quinn

Plot summary


The government accidentally releases a new, despotic and self-appointed

triffid poison. The narrative begins with Masen in prison, bandaged,


constantly under threat. Smartphone alerts. Venomous, carnivorous

misinformation lined with public health scavengers. A strictly enforced


contact-tracing programme. With military personnel chained  to his eyes

he finds large numbers have tested positive. Disobeying quarantine,


the escaped triffids drive an armoured car and urge people to wash.

Assigned numbers, international visitors decide to form their own settlement


on the Isle of Wight. After discovering her hoarding medical supplies,

militaristic representatives establish a colony in a young sighted girl.


Anyone can be called by officials, who have harsh penalties

for triffid cultivation. Nearly everyone is ghostly.  Masen suspects


public transport, large with staff and patients, is a mask. Stations are hung

with those who break guidelines. After the unbandaging,


the triffids leave the streets. The novel ends in Sussex, with the blind

burying a boy around the fenced exterior. In chaos, triffids pour in.




Matt Quinn lives in Brighton, England. His poems can be found online at RattleThe Morning StarThe Deaf Poets SocietyNew Boots and PantisocraciesThe New Verse News and elsewhere.

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