Postcards from Malthusia DAY FORTY-ONE: Tim Turnbull


A Child’s Drawing


He is a child’s drawing of authority,

with a wonky three-baubled crown clapped

on a U-shaped face, three floating streaks


of unconvincing hair scratched as an

afterthought over a savage grill mouth

and eyes ovals with black scribbled dots.


His body is a fly’s blue abdomen;

stick limbs terminate in grasping spider

hands and feet like malformed beetles.


The artist has added the cape of a court

fool, or a washed-up superhero, and piles

of jewels rendered as multicoloured daubs


and bullion and coin drawn in the same

yellow as crown and hair. His whole world

is encompassed on this sheet of sugar paper.


He is a true and certified copy of himself.

No photograph could do more justice to its

subject, no 3-D printout add more depth.



Tim Turnbull has been performing his poetry, at home and abroad, for over twenty five years. His first full collection, Stranded in Sub-Atomica, was published by Donut Press in 2005. His latest is Avanti! from Red Squirrel Press. He has created stage shows, toured with slam teams, published in numerous anthologies and magazines, written supernatural fiction, and also paints and draws.



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