Postcards from Malthusia DAY THREE: Rishi Dastidar

#weeknotes 2020/11 (Stay in, stay well)


Who breaks everything on a pandemic?

A virus will have its own way.

What was normal feels academic,

different contours to different days;

of distancing from greetings, others,

washing hands until they suffer;

self-isolation is the game –

fail, and quarantine won’t be tame.

A society in suspension,

as we wait for the peak to land,

then flatten it as best we can,

Corona has all our attention.

And before you think home is a cell

to save people, stay in, stay well.



A poem from Rishi Dastidar’s Ticker-tape was included in The Forward Book of Poetry 2018. His second collection, Saffron Jack, is published by Nine Arches Press. He is also editor of The Craft: A Guide to Making Poetry Happen in the 21st Century (Nine Arches Press).


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