Neubooterdammerung, 18: Fiona Moore

Road Trip Ode

It was the high road the open road
the glory road or so we were told
a fab road trip
with never a spin or slip
and straight-ahead signs
as straight as the white lane lines
a road unrolling like a reel of tape
such an easy escape
our own silk road our magic carpet
just put the country on autopilot
let’s go our own road
let’s dress in woad

so we exited safe mode
and now we’re hurtling down the road
it’s a bad trip a one-way track
no going back
a rocky road with skid and slide
where’s our road sense our easy ride
no middle of the road no rules of the road
no highway code
a heavy load
it could all explode…
each fork in the road gets blocked off
the road hogs have sent us to the dogs

we’re on a b road fleeing
in a b movie
this is no good intentions road
no yellow bricks no paved with gold
– no – we’ve been sold
we’re under a spell it’s the road to hell
on the road to ruin we’re the road kill
and now – oh
the show’s OFF the road
road rage rising in a mad race
dirt road to the precipice
driving off the edge with Thelma & Louise…

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