Neubooterdammerung, 14: Sophie Herxheimer

Really, Who is in Charge Here?

Once a cabbage
was declared null and void
by a fly
who was the arbiter
of all things vegetable

Hang on
said the cauliflower
I know that cabbage
and can vouch
for its authenticity

this made the fly jump
he’d not heard a cauliflower
speak before
it got right on his nerves

once back in the office
his superior, a horse,
made him write a letter
to both vegetables

It was an apology
in green ink
and validated
the voices of previously
unheard brassicas

unfortunately before
the letter got sent
the fly got stuck
to a strip of sellotape

he is suspended there still
emitting a death whine
that spirals
through eternity.


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