New Boots (Slight Retread): Martyn Crucefix

‘an americano to go’

an americano to go
black of a white man’s heart
crude statistics
when were they kin

daubed with shitty feathers
eggs broken in a bowl
footnotes about emails
when were they kin

growing weed under LEDs
headlines and tenderness
in the moment of conception
when were they kin

john smith marries jane doe
klaxons sounding
languages east west north south
when were they kin

my emigre son
notes from strings of a mandolin
olives in a screw-top jar
when were they kin

pulsing blue in the Uber driver’s ear
queries on the first page
red sky in the morning
when were they kin

share like like share
tangled nests of fishing line
up and over the brim
when were they kin

very near the end
when bridges are burning
xanthoma tendinosum
you wake and you’re done

when will you understand
zest and intelligence
when were they kin
when were they kin


5 thoughts on “New Boots (Slight Retread): Martyn Crucefix

  1. Thank you, Martyn, for your sequence – just read Day 2, then laughed aloud upon googling the member for E&E – who else?! (Knew it couldn’t be JR-M as he’s thisaway, but there were plenty more to choose from, and on health and safety grounds I can’t carry all of the fast-moving – or stubbornly shut – drawers of the Cabinet in my head.) Even the (necessary, I’m aware) advert on this page today reads rather like a apt ‘found fragment’ (The all-new Peugeot Rifter / The day is yours). I look forward to the rest of the poems…though not what their countdown currently implies…


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