Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY FIFTY-SIX – Arwen Webb

April’s Fool

You have to take out their families
knock the hell out of them
the wife knew exactly what was happening
watching her husband fly into the
World Trade Centre
those brave souls
take them out I say
they are politically hostile
they care about their lives
I kid you not
torture them
it absolutely works
bring it back
get tougher
I want to do everything within
the bounds of what you’re
allowed to do legally
do I feel it works?
Absolutely I feel it works.
Chopping people’s heads off because they are Christian?
That’s not okay
let’s re-initiate a program
of interrogation of high-value
alien terrorists operating outside
our territory
they won’t refuse me
they are not going to refuse me
believe me.
Take them out
with their families
knock the hell out of them.



Arwen Webb lives in Richmond, North Yorkshire where she regularly performs her poetry. Her poems have appeared in the New Boots blog and The Morning Star among other publications. She teaches Sociology at a sixth form college.


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