Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY FIFTY-THREE – Andrew Fentham


Once upon a time
there lived a little goblin
with a golden head.
Its name was Trumpelstiltskin.

Trumpelstiltskin loved
when people called its name out.
Trumpelstiltskin! Trump
elstiltskin! it would pout.

Say my name again!
My name is Trumpelstiltskin!
Trumpelstiltskin splashed
its name across its building,

living as it did
inside a golden tower –
in giant golden letters.

Trumpelstiltskin said
its art was deal-making,
though it broke its word
without apologising.

Looking down from high
Trumpelstiltskin saw
a woman wipe her tears.

Who is that? it thought,
and does she need a favour?
Can we do a deal?
and scuttled down to meet her.

My name’s Trumpelstilt
skin! I can fix your problems!
Trumpelstiltskin’s hair
is valuable and golden!

Plucking out a strand
the goblin told the woman,
Gold will ease your pain,
no matter what the problem!

Desperate and spent
the woman asked the goblin
what she had to do
to end her painful sobbing.

Say my name, it said,
before we give each other
gold inside my tower
as you piss my bed.



Andrew Fentham’s poems and translations have appeared in magazines in the UK, Ireland, France and Hungary. ‘Project’, a response to the work of Victor Pasmore, appeared at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne in May 2015.

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