Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY FIFTY-TWO – Stuart Paterson

Immigration Visa No. 26698, New York, May 11th 1930 

Mary Anne MacLeod, low-earning migrant
fleeing poverty to live with your sister
who’d been banished from a strict religious
land in an unwed childbirth scandal
just a few years previously, welcome to
America where thirteen years from now
you will yourself be wed, to Fred,
give birth to irony, or as he’ll come
to soon be known, The Dómhnall.
Good job that Hoover isn’t into building
walls, Mary Anne MacLeod from Croft 5
in Tong on Lewis, away in you come,
put your feet up, we’ll make you a cup of tea
& have a chat about acceptance,
tolerance & the land of the fucking free.


Stuart A. Paterson writes in English & his native Scots & lives by the Solway coast. Originally from Ayrshire, he was Dumfries & Galloway writer-in-residence 1996-98, returning to live in the area in 2012 after 14 years spent working in Manchester. Border Lines, poems about Galloway (IDP 2015) & Aye, poems in Scots (Tapsalteerie 2016), are his latest collections.

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