Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY FORTY-SEVEN – Peter Armstrong

Brexit by JMW Turner

There is sunset or there is dawn;
something in the depths of orange
tells us sunset. Something that might be a ship
or steeple or steep island, maybe,
surmounted by a tower
(but we’re guessing here)
sits on what we guess
is the horizon, but might be    
a trick of the cloud;
distant cumulus, then,
pushing in amongst
dull strata; that were
dull until this late
or last

Different weather’s coming


Peter Armstrong was born in Blaydon on Tyne, 1957; educated locally; awarded an Eric Gregory prize 1984; trained as psychiatric nurse; specialised as cognitive therapist, supervisor & trainer; now retired from NHS & working independently. Poems appear in Ten North Eastern Poets (Bloodaxe 1980). Collections: Risings (Enitharmon 1988); The Red Funnelled Boat (Picador 1998); The Capital of Nowhere (Picador 2003); Madame Noire (Shoestring pamphlet 2008); The Book of Ogham (Shoestring 2012).

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