Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY FORTY-FIVE – Couplets on Decoupling

Big May caws “Scots – We leavin’ then?”
Yer on yir oan wi’ that one, hen.


On a damp-squib predictable Brexit-approving day,
Sturgeon’s cat among pigeons announced ‘Scotland will, not May’.


On the banks of the Tweed the folk are agreed;
on the banks of the Thames there’s no blooms on the stems.


Sturgeon to May: “You lookin’ at me?”
Envoi: D.I.V.O.R.C.E.


The reivers & the balladeers assemble now to build a cairn,
a gathering in gloaming light to lay to rest a stillborn bairn.


The bogle spies the box mairkid this or thon
an dings hid doun the darksome gloup o none.


Put can’t in your pocket
– and dare.


This ‘pseudosonnet’ was assembled from Couplets by Marie-Therese Taylor, Peter A. Kelly, Tony Williams, Harry Gallagher, Paul Summers, Harry Giles & Alec Finlay. Many thanks to all who sent in couplets we were unable to use.

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