Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY FORTY-TWO – Beth McDonough

Lazarus at the Year’s Inauguration

Orange mist milks out street lamp land
as surveyed corners turn suspect borders.
Unseen spectres stalk horror-filmed trees.
Winter wears our emperor’s new garb.
No-one feels flush. Nothing good buds
at this stage.

This morning’s recycled news is trachled
in a wheelie bin hearse. But stop
by the raised bed. Greet
a protest of new clenched fists.
Cabbages thriving past mirk,
rise green and unbowed to punch air.


Beth McDonough trained in Silversmithing at Glasgow School of Art, and later completed an M.Litt in Writing Study and Practice at Dundee University. She was inaugural Writer in Residence at Dundee Contemporary Arts (2014-16).  She reviews for Dundee University Review of the Arts (DURA) and edits the poetry section there. Her recent pamphlet Handfast (with Ruth Aylett) was published in May 2016 by Mother’s Milk Books.


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