Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY FORTY-ONE – Nick Allen

River Couldnt Care Less

the Couldnt Care Less runs through this land
no one knows its true source
although a few disreputable sites compete for that garland
such as the small bitter town called Hate
the fog-bound marshes of Ignorance   the steep hills of Disdain
the poisonous forest of Misinformation
or perhaps the bleak and featureless heaths of The Inhumane

a dam named Security was built on the river   using alternative Mathematics
and the variable laws of Physics
all held together by the mortar of unsubstantiated rhetoric
official histories deny
any such construction   but the ruins of this ill-conceived folly
can easily be found
at the foot of Scapegoat Lake   to the south of the tributary river
known locally as Moral Turpitude

and of course there is no truth in the rumours that unwanteds
undesirables and downright
illegals are tied into sacks that are reasonably buoyant and punted
into the midstream by night
nor that the one-way ferrymen piloting these boats hail from the old families
of Mercers and Murdochs and Dacres
who drown out dissenting voices   while Couldnt Care Less washes through
our pristine green acres


Nick Allen was first published through the Leads to Leeds project run by Helen Mort. Since then his work has appeared in The Cunningham Amendment, the Pennine Platform and the Watermarks Anthology. In addition, he has read at last summer’s Bradford Literary Festival and at Poetry at the Parsonage in Haworth.

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