Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY THIRTY-THREE – Donald Adamson


Oh yes I thought them cranky,
my mother and father,

so late in life
and with better things to do,
opposing war, joining CND,
wearing a badge,
standing out from the crowd.

Now I find a powerful rhetoric
in their absence,
their silent, unwritten sentences.
(How long have they been gone now,
thirty, forty years?)

The message comes through to me:
that I am old enough to join
the cranky ones,
take my stand against the xenophobes,
the poisoned narratives, the headlines’ hate.



Donald Adamson is a poet/translator, living in Scotland and Finland. He won first prize in the Sangschaw Scots Poetry Competition (translation) 2017 and first prize in the Glasgow Herald Millennium Competition 1999. He was also a prizewinner in the McCash Scots Poetry Competition 2014 and the Cornwall Contemporary Poetry Competition 2016.  His collections include From Coiled Roots (2014 IDP) and Glamourie (2015 IDP), plus a volume of translations from the Finnish of Eeva Kilpi (Arc 2014).­­

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