Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY TWENTY-SEVEN – Cato Pedder


It’s all very well watching documentary film
with its true untrue stories, its old fake rhymes

of man versus man and good versus evil, or retelling
how on the screen the man was split open

like fruit and how he moaned Mama Mama,
how all our mamas – poor crooked beings –

how they all hand down some small gesture, some hand
to a hot forehead, it’s all very well but fruitless

to say that now when the seed in the dark soil
is bone seed and what will spring from it

are warriors of darkness or so it seems in these days
of endless dusk when all we were is ending and all

we will be is lost, these talismans worth no more
than an apple lovingly cored and sliced on a plate.

Virunga (director Orlando von Einsiedel, 2014) is a documentary film about rangers in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and their fight (often to the death) to protect the last mountain gorillas from armed militia, poachers and oil men attracted by the discovery of a vast oil reserve under the park.

Cato Pedder is a former reporter with 15 years’ experience writing non-fake news for national newspapers in the UK and South Africa. She is now writing a work of literary journalism alongside poems and reviews poetry at website Write Out Loud. As a dual UK-US citizen she is currently exposed on two fronts.

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