Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY TWENTY-SIX – Sara Elkhawad

Again America Great Let’s Make

here we lie on our young beautiful piece of arse
drooling at your daughter, your fake tan, your farce
corona in left hand, built a wall higher than your IQ
‘My dick is big. Be assured. My hands are bijou
and toasty warm in climate change. That’s gay
by the way. As are my fabulous friends by the way
I love the blacks! when they’re trodden, roughed up,
lives forgotten. I love the muslims! but they blew-up
7/11. I watched – my eyes moved to Beyoncé’s pussy,
just. One. Grab. Those words were disgusting, unsavoury
of Jay-Z’s. We fill up arenas the old-fashioned way:
taking money out of your fat arse pockets
and giving you the old trump bullshit

I pledge to every citizen
that I will be president for all Americans.
It’s going to be a beautiful thing.’

Sara Elkhawad is a student at Newcastle University and is studying English Literature. She has been writing poetry from a young age since being published in a young person’s anthology entitled Chasing Shadows. Her poetry is influenced by her English and Sudanese background.

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