Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY TWENTY-FOUR – Return To The Valley Of The Squibs

Kate Noakes
The Fake Beetle

always flounders and, limbs akimbo
falls from his ball of dung.

At night he tries navigation by the stars
but, fixed in their firmament, they do not
stoop, or aid, or grace his stage.


Stephen Barnaby
Securing of Borders in 50 Words

Experts analyzing the backgrounds of those responsible for terrorist outrages in this country have found one indisputable factor linking them:

They are all from Planet Earth.

Consequently, for the safety of our nation, it is clear that only one group of individuals should be allowed to become Legal Aliens:



Finola Scott
Not Me!

Mum used to wash my sugar-coated mouth
if I told of biscuits not stolen. Later scrubbed
lies slipped easy from lips foam-frothed.
I’m not alone. Politicians smoothly talk
of lowered taxes, increased spending,
benefits extended, expenses not fiddled.
Thing is, at least I’ve got
my mother to blame.

Kate Noakes sixth collection is Paris, Stage Left (Eyewear, 2017). She was elected the Welsh Academy in 2011 and her website ( is archived by the National Library of Wales. She lives and writes in London and Paris.

Stephen Barnaby has two pamphlets of Fifty Word Epics via Calder Wood Press and Vlad the Impaler Press: a collection of longer pieces I Never Realised It Was As Bad As That, will be published in April by Postbox Press. To his astonishment, he recently illustrated Alan Gay’s poetry collection Habitus.

Finola Scott’s poems are widely published online and in print including in The Ofi Press, Raum, Dactyl, The Lake, and Poets’ Republic . Her work is included in many anthologies, most recently in Aiblins and Umbrellas of Edinburgh. She has also been selected for the Clydebuilt mentoring scheme.

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