Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY FIFTEEN – Paul Summers


he’s off the tabs
& off the drink.

two days into
a miracle diet

that saved some wee lad
in rural scandinavia.

he’d seen it in ‘hello’,
on monday, at the barbers.

the nag has bolted,
all truth be told.

the doc says he’s fucked
or words to that effect.

his emphysema’s
not for turning.

his liver transformed
to shippam’s paste.

a case of when not if.
a time to start giving

a bit of thought to which
neil young song he wants

playing at the crem
& who’ll do the buffet,

a time to make peace
with his brother, the copper.

& slumped in the bucket
of his da’s old armchair,

his attention is divided
between personal & political:

gramsci’s prison notebooks
& a mobility scooter catalogue.

he contemplates the future,
with half an eye on bargain hunt;

wrestling with hegemony
& the puzzle of complicity.



Paul Summers lives in North Shields. His last couple of books are Union (New & Selected) & Primitive Cartography. His next collection Straya is due out in March 2017.

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