Neu! Post-Truth Poetics DAY THREE – Jane Burn

Trumpettes USA

Make us proud again.
Safe again.
Great again.
Give us sweet treats with our superman –
diamonds in the Mar-a-Lago,
mansions in Palm Beach.

Toni plays the market. Terry longs for God.
Lorrie has Aspen real estate – Suzi, fluffy dogs.
Cheri wants global domination. Penni loves hard work.
Suebelle was a corporate wife. Loves Paris and New York.
Volunteer of the Year Texas beauty, Jamie was Best Dressed
In Denver – philanthropist, her life is FULL and blessed.

They are busy, have damage to undo.
They love this man, this master
of the low-brow, chin-jut, Ziploc smile.
Mrs Kramer isn’t all bad. She has not one,
but TWO Hispanic housekeepers
and they like Trump as well, she says.
Boys will be boys. It’s not groping.
You can’t blame him. Women?
You have to treat them like shit. He could
have nailed Lady Di. She had the beauty. Had the skin.
If Ivanka wasn’t his daughter. I’m not supposed
to say bad things, but really folks, come on.



Jane Burn’s poems have been featured in magazines such as The Rialto, Butcher’s Dog, Iota Poetry, And Other Poems, The Black Light Engine Room and many more,  as well as anthologies from the Emma Press, Beautiful Dragons, Poetry Box and Kind of a Hurricane Press. She also established the poetry site The Fat Damsel

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