Neu! Boots Are Made For Walking DAY FORTY-FIVE – N.S. Thompson

“People Don’t Do This To Me!”

Would I move, would I mind,
Would I shift my behind
  When taking up two seats?  Not me.

Would I wait for my turn,
Would I listen and learn?
 I will not. Not ever. Not me.

When faced with delays
Watch my pitiless gaze
 Demanding swift action. That’s me.

No, I have no scruples,
So narrow my pupils
 And make people listen to me.

Or I bellow and stare
With my steely-eyed glare
 To get some attention. You see,

When faced obstruction
I threaten disruption
 With “People don’t do this to me!”



N S Thompson is a poet, critic and translator whose work appears widely in publications ranging from Agenda, The Dark Horse, New Walk and Stand to The Spectator and the TLS. His previous publications include the verse epistle Letter to Auden (Smokestack, 2010) and he co-edited the satirical collection A Modern Don Juan: Cantos for These Times by Divers Hands (Five Leaves, 2014). 

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