Neu! Boots Are Made For Walking DAY THIRTY-TWO – Return Of The Squibs

Tim Wells

Richard Dawkins on a Zero Hours Contract

Didn’t use to believe,
but now I do firmly.
If there were no G-d
I wouldn’t be so god-forsaken.

(with a raise of the glass to Aristophanes: The Knights)



Claire Collison

Herne Hill Oxfam

You get me to hold your dog,
digging into your bag
for the receipt for something

that doesn’t fit. Sometimes,
you say, the dog licking my face,
you buy stuff, wear it once, then

donate again. You’ve probably,
you say, paid for a goat by now,
at least – or a well.



Gerry Loose

A Scottish Summer Garland for Theresa May

adders tongue
creeping thistle

A Scottish Winter Floral Crown for Donald Trump

burnet rose
guelder rose
dog rose


Tim Wells is made of reggae, lager top, pie and mash, and Leyton Orient FC. His latest collection is Everything Crash (Penned In The Margins).

Claire Collison is a Brixton resident and is Artist in Residence at the Women’s Art Library. Her poetry has appeared in Butcher’s Dog, The Island Review, South Bank, The Compass, and Templar Anthology. She came second in the Resurgence Prize, making her officially an eco-poet.

Gerry Loose is a poet and artist who works primarily with the natural world, most specifically plants, as well as the world of geo-politics. His most recent publications are fault line (Vagabond Voices)and An Oakwoods Almanac (Shearsman Books).

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