Neu! Boots Are Made For Walking DAY TWENTY – Vasiliki Albedo

Speech: A whole new world.

(with Disney quotes in italics)

My fellow citizens it’s crystal clear from way up here a whole new world awaits. I am convinced that some day our dreams will come true. Our fate lives within us absolutely without compulsion. And would you please help me welcome my wife.  I’m proud of our police our firemen I’m proud of our great nation. Can you feel the love tonight.  In voting for us you encourage I encourage you. Huge boost and caps and numbers. Capital of the world. By that I mean an enterprise economy and squeezes respectfully. Heretofore a mansion tax I suspect given these treaties and others I promised so magnificently. I say to the world: we are not not opposed. Do the nation proud not because principle and mean anything.  Not because. But because this, this is important. Point one two and three. I will be pursuing. A magical place and grateful for diversity. And the birds will sing. Spending reductions.  I want to be seen to be fair. Not only but we offer that choice to affirm the greatness of our nation. Very plainly pursuing cuts people don’t expect: not the pensions, not the disabilities. At least most of the time let me be clear. God bless you. I call upon an unyielding admonition already delivered. The big bad wolf. My fellow fellows. Unity as real expression. And so learning you are wrong. The past can hurt someone like me. If you’ve got troubles, I’ve got them too. The bottom line is I announce. At the highest level this will make our nation proud. A dream is a wish your heart makes. I have a message. It’s supranational. Whether we bring reductions to the individual  or the individual to reduction, but sovereignly. In the end. In the end.  This is important. We worship an awesome god. Stand with us. Thank you.  


Vasiliki Albedo lives in Athens, Greece. Her poems have appeared in the anthology Mildly Erotic Verse (The Emma Press) and in magazines including Lighthouse, Beloit Poetry Journal and The Interpreter’s House.


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