Neu! Boots Are Made For Walking DAY NINETEEN – Chandramohan S

The Sangam Poets

Every poet contributes a verse
Like anonymous streams joining a river.

The verse-epic flows like the voluminous amazon
Rupturing hyphenations and hymens.
No cartographer is likely to miss.

Every bard is a tiller of the land
Roving through streams
With a sonorous hum.

The long epic poem is
Taxed at every under-cutting
Like toll levied
Along national highways.

The muse sleeps
With doors ajar
No names on spines of poetry books.

An experimental vernacular poet
Tinkering with his mother’s last rites
Triggers a contraption along
The rungs of syntax
Making a bonfire of the crematorium.



Chandramohan S (b. 1986 in India) is an Indian English Dalit poet based in Trivandrum, Kerala,India. His first collection of poems titled Warscape Verses (Authorspress, May 2014) was published in India and his second collection is forthcoming.

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