Neu! Boots Are Made For Walking DAY TWELVE – Harry Gallagher


We are the prickles
hooked between your ribs,
the nomadic Other
you brushed off your graphs.

We are the unsorry.
The byproducts of your glib
responses to questions.
The tacks in your tyres.

We are the fruits
of the seeds who builded
your grubby empire,
who got pulped in your machines.

We are your shame.
Kettled and bloodnosed,
we will not liedown
neath the stride of your thugs.

We are not invisible
and when you have runout of wars
to bodybag us home from,
we will have our day.



Harry Gallagher has been published by The Interpreter’s House, Poets’ Republic, Ofipress, Rebel Poetry and many others. His third pamphlet, Chasing The Sunset (Black Light Engine Room Press) came out this year. He is co-founder of The Stanza, a regular poetry event in the North East.

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