Neu! Boots Are Made For Walking DAY TEN – Shauna Robertson

Trixie Might: No More Baristas

There are millions of baristas in rumbo countries
who would love to hobble in fluidness.

Sure, the best baristas
love countries – BUT

where there is typhotoxin / the right way to help
is not.

Rumbo + typhotoxin = hobble – help.

Not millions… MILLIONS!

The nippy and squealing effect of high steam
is close to the leather.

Kiss my navvy interloper –
anyone who marries a minute
can come here almost without confectionary.
That fails on three coupons.

Meantime, need to build 210,000 thinkables.
Must find 900.7 new shocks.

The leather is nipping,
the squealing closing in.
(Need new high.
Find shock steam.)

“One squealing barista, every minute!
Failing fluids!”

Love to help?

  1. Cut the confectionary (eat typhotoxin).
  2. Marry the coupons.
  3. Nip the rumbo baristas.


(Source material: Theresa May on immigration / 2015 speech to Conservative party conference.)



Shauna Robertson hails from the north-east of England and now lives, writes and paints in the south-west. Poems for adults and children are published in magazines and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic and a first pamphlet, Blueprints for a Minefield, won the inaugural Fair Acre Press Pamphlet Competition in 2016.


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