Neu! Boots Are Made For Walking DAY NINE – Kathryn Gray


Donald is unhappy today.
Donald is unhappy in the familiar way.
Donald looks in the mirror, checks out Donald.
Donald queries, Donald?
Donald knows he’s not the man they say he is.
Donald has been reading Camus lately.
Donald is fingering Vaseline between the absurd walls, religiously.
Donald suspects this isn’t helping.
Donald goes to the men’s room.
Donald is unshackled.
Donald thinks, It must have been the Waldorf salad.
Donald is off the cuff.
Donald likes golf.
Donald likes pussy.
Donald knows what Donald likes.
Donald would like to get off this bus.
Donald likes golf.
Donald wants to drive a golf cart, no hands!
Donald is feeling the imaginary wind in his alleged surgical graft.
Donald remembers simpler times.
Donald doesn’t need permission.
Donald was there.
Donald was interviewed by Oprah in 1988.
Donald never said he was a saint.
Donald is getting hungry.
Donald says, I just want to be me.
Donald is unhappy.
Donald is wanting a big steak sandwich.
Donald hollers, ‘Order the biggest fucking steak sandwich they’ve got!’
Donald knows he likes golf.
Donald is certain of that.
Donald is not the man they say he is.
Donald is a man of the people.
Donald said this.
Donald wonders sometimes if someone else said this.
Donald denies it.
Donald likes Cheez Whiz.
Donald is a feminist.
Donald’s favourite films include Beaches and Terms of Endearment.
Donald never gets the chance to share like that.
Donald took a married woman furniture shopping.
Donald is going to incarcerate Hillary Clinton.
Donald is going to build a big wall.
Donald ponders his absurd walls.
Donald considers the ineffable mystery of the Waldorf salad.
Donald likes Scotland.
Donald likes golf.
Donald likes Donald.
Donald would like to turn Scotland into a golf course.
Donald is unhappy.
Donald likes doing things with his hands.
Donald demands, Look at those hands—are they small hands?
Donald knows it’s a man’s prerogative to have dreams.



Kathryn Gray‘s The Never-Never was shortlisted for the T. S. Eliot Prize and the Forward Prize for Best First Collection. A pamphlet, Flowers, is due from Rack Press in January 2017.

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