These New Boots Are Made For Walking

Hello all, and thank you for staying with the project through thin and thinner with no prospect of dinner. The book may be out, but the website is still the place to experience the full rapid-response New Boots Experience. To celebrate the arrival of the anthology we will be publishing a new sequence of commissioned poems starting tomorrow. We’re also throwing open our doors for another period of Open Submission, so if you would like to write something reflecting the deepening unrealpolitik – the lame stumble out of Europe, the Transatlantic Trumpian Turkey Shoot, the nightmare we once knew as Syria, the Party Conference Season Theme Park , the Long Hot Winter of Discombobulation to come or Any Other Incompetent Business – then please send it as a Word document or pdf  to  

The door is ajar, but won’t stay so for long – submissions no later than midnight on October 30th.

Write. Write as if your life depended on it.

Andy & Bill


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