Neu!Boots DAY FORTY-FOUR – Stuart Paterson


Maist days there’s nae stramash ayont
ayebidin rammies, insnorlit clans
re-leevin Bravehairt ilk weekend alang
the snash an thrang o White Sands.

Nae Hungerford nor Clutha, nae Zeebrugge
nor Sandy Hook, Orlando nor Dunblane.
Here the river’s king, wur ain disasters
a wheen o waasht-oot shops shut doon bi rain.

Aye, rain. No bullets, planes nor bombs
but wather, an still we wheenge an moan
anent sic a pax sae sairly bocht.
Masel? Ah dinnae grudge the price o nocht.



Stuart A. Paterson writes in English & his native Scots & lives by the Solway coast. Originally from Ayrshire, he was Dumfries & Galloway writer-in-residence 1996-98, returning to live in the area in 2012 after 14 years spent working in Manchester. Border Lines, poems about Galloway (IDP 2015) & Aye, poems in Scots (Tapsalteerie 2016), are his latest collections.


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