Neu!Boots DAY THIRTY-NINE – Andy Brown

The Plan

‘Even Baldrick had a fucking plan.’ (Post-Brexit internet meme)

Once he’d heaped his Friday afternoon
onto the burgeoning compost
and folded the raucous hours of newsprint
into a castle and drawbridge,
he sat and swilled the sunset round the bowl
of his half-full-half-empty Bordeaux,
watching the viscosity drag
on the sides of its fine-blown crystal,

the lens of the claret gyrating
like a toppling coin on a table,
before he went inside and turned
the corner of his evening down
on the unremarkable lottery of his life
to spend the darkness dreaming of the Big One.



Andy Brown is Professor of Creative Writing & English at Exeter University. He recently co-edited A Body of Work: An Anthology of Poetry & Medicine for Bloomsbury (2016). His recent poetry books are Watersong (Shearsman, 2015), Exurbia (Worple Press, 2014), The Fool and the Physician (Salt, 2012), Goose Music [with John Burnside] (Salt, 2008) and a Selected early poems Fall of the Rebel Angels (Salt, 2006). He edited and contributed to The Writing Occurs As Song: A Kelvin Corcoran Reader (Shearsman, 2014) and has edited several other anthologies of poetry, essays and correspondences. His first novel is Apples & Prayers (Dean Street, 2015).


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