Neu!Boots DAY THIRTY-SIX – Frank Dullaghan


We are falling.
We don’t know it yet.
We have run off a cliff edge
but have not looked down.
We are cartoon characters
on the open air,
the clouds bright in the blue.

The horizon is reaching for us,
its fingertips brushing ours.
Everything, we believe,
is now possible.
We can reimagine the world
to our liking. We are happy
as we plunge. Easy

we tell ourselves when we look,
soon we will find our wings
and soar. But we fall
and fall. Falling is our new
democratic game. One that
we play against ourselves,
one we are winning.


Frank Dullaghan is an Irish poet living in Dubai, UAE. He has published three collections with Cinnamon Press including The Same Roads Back (2014)and has a pamphlet due out this year from Eyeware Press.


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