Neu!Boots DAY THIRTY-FIVE – Paul Summers

caro giovanni

it’s not you, it’s me.
i need some time,
some self-reflection.

i cannot be coupled,
this cannot be mutual,
until i own myself.

i’m a mess, mi amore,
my case-notes say so:
a complex cocktail

of phobias & anxieties,
attachment issues,

genetic self-interest,
my essence wedded
to delusory romance,

our narrowed histories,
the memes of an empire,
a legion of demons.

so much unresolved:
so much to put right.
we cannot be together.

we must be apart.
i write this with love,
choking on these words,

the sobbing anoxia
of a union dissolving.


Paul Summers now lives and writes in North Shields after living for some time in the Australian tropics. His latest publications (all published by Smokestack) include Union (2011) and Primitive Cartography (2014). Straya is forthcoming in spring 2017. 




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