Neu!Boots DAY THIRTY-THREE – Paul McGrane


back      to normal
               back     to decent
               back     to people
                             people like us
               back     to conscription
               back     to control
               back     to freedom
               back     where it’s safe
                             to say what I like
                             where I like
                             when I like
               back     to happiness
               back     to strength
               back     to borders
               back     to the flag
               back     to Dear Old
               back     to Glory
               back     to History
               back     to the Fifties
               back     to the Forties
               back     to the Thirties
                             the nineteenth century
                             small boys up chimneys
                             let’s have chimneys back
                             send us back
               back     where we came from
               back     where we belong


Paul McGrane is The Poetry Society Membership Manager and co-founder of Forest Poets in Walthamstow. Prize winner in this year’s York Mix Poetry competition and recently published in South Bank Poetry and The Interpreter’s House.

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