Neu!Boots DAY THIRTY-ONE -Keith Parker

Amnesia June 23rd 2016

Do you really remember your great aunt?
Most of us never met our great grandparents.
Childhood blurs. Like the driver of a car,
we don`t remember the journey.
Frail memories a blessing?
Confirms at least that we are all common.
Sturdy mongrels, cross-bred mysteries,
members of the pack, muddling on
trying not to fight.  Or perhaps a threat?
To lose the flag, the currency, the lingo,
seeing people whose features
we were taught to fear.
Without a pedigree you doubt
your biography, forced to face the fact,
that memory, myth, are always,
in the end, the same.
So we make our choices, special ones ,
the chosen, tellers of vivid histories,
full of golden ages, where we and our
ancestors played a decisive role.
Or those in the anonymous crowd,
happy to let history rest, happy to say
that now is more important than then.
Those who fear amnesia, those who embrace it.
Did I forget anything of importance?


Keith Parker lives in Durham. He has a Post Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from Newcastle University. He has been published in a number of magazines including Acumen, StepAway, The Open Mouse and The Eildon Tree. He is convenor of the Facebook site Poetry Talk. He is working towards a first publication with Red Squirrel Press.


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