Neu!Boots DAY FIFTEEN – Peter Russell

Chania 2015

For Rudi and Hildegund

                            Under the
Moon                 in a
Greek                 taverna, part of a
Turkish              house, in a
Venetian           city, with an
Arabic                name, ruled centuries-long by the
Ottoman           Empire, outside the
Jewish                synagogue, by the café bombed roofless by
British               aircraft in the
German             invasion of May 1941, we dine, one of us
English              and one of us
Scottish             with our best friends from
Bavaria,             to dance, drink and laugh in a
Realm                 of human joy and do what we can to repair a
Universe            of damage done by
Nations              created by man and
Borders              which are after all invisible from the


Peter Russell grew up in Portsmouth, and studied Comparative Literature at the UEA Norwich and in Germany. He has lived in Glasgow since 1985, working in local government until retiring in 2012, and now writes full-time. He is a lifelong internationalist, social democrat and Labour Party member.


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